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Exo's Exposé

Looking for somewhere to hide in the Forum, no offense to anyone, I'm just kinda used to my own space - it feels safer to me. I often feel like I'm 'butting in' on other threads, I want to say something but it isn't 'in-line' with the current flow of conversation. 


It rained here yesterday, dogs & cats weren't falling from the sky, but the grounds wet, there's puddles in my driveway & it's soooooooo sooooooo much cooler Smiley Very Happy Guru Google even promises more!! After this weird wet stuff stopped dropping from above, I took the dogs for their walk, I do this almost every afternoon, but after a storm with close lightning strikes, my main purpose is to check the fence is still upright everywhere. I'm happy to announce it was all in tip-top shape Smiley Happy I noticed new puddle spots all the way around, I was sad that some trees had to be pushed over for the fence line, but the dip of their absence looks quite beautiful with a drop of moisture shimmering within. When I had completed the usual circuit I by-passed returning into the house-yard & wandered through to the dam. I think I may have been a little rain-drunk, I was hoping to see water in it, there wasn't any. I even went & stood in the very center of it's base, I think I was expecting to sink in mud - I didn't; but the cracks are gone . . . & they were huge. So if the Guru comes through with it's promise, there may yet be a puddle for my Staffy to play in Smiley Wink 

I've decided to leave my camping trip to the beach for another week, rain wouldn't stop me - it rarely rains 24 hrs a day, but storms have - they often have devastingly strong winds that can break off & pick up reasonably heavy objects, that become dangerous ammunition. I've been emailing with the owners of this place, I'll still be in the off-peak season if I leave it another week - though I worry being so close to the Easter holiday, there's a more likely chance of more people. I keep telling myself I've just got to 'get over' that, that that would be all part of the experience - but I know I'm lying to myself. I picked this spot mainly because of the dog-friendly off-lead beach, but also because on the satelite view of Google maps I could see that there's no towns around it. It's one of the most isolated camping parks I've seen {that's within 5 hours of home, well - maybe just a little more}. It also admits it has old amenities, I saw negitive feedback about the place for those reasons - I think if you want to go to a resort . . . that's where you go - not to a place that describes itself as a rustic, old fashioned bush camping park Smiley Wink 


Missing you MazyHeart Loads of love & support Heart @Mazarita 

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Re: Exo's Exposé

Really glad you have created a space to share @Exoplanet 😊

I love following along with your adventures. I often find myself imagining I am right there and can see, feel and hear what you can. You seem to find so much enjoyment and pleasure in the every day things and I really appreciate that about you.

Looking forward to hearing about your next camping trip.

Keep posting and sharing ❤

Re: Exo's Exposé

I want to ditto what @CheerBear said @Exoplanet . I love reading about your adventures. Please keep tagging me in them.  💜🤗. I think it’s a nice idea for an exo space too 👍🏻

Re: Exo's Exposé

@Exoplanet  I  am sooo glad you have created a space to sharemy awesome friend , I love reading about your adventures. toooooooo xxxxx

Re: Exo's Exposé

It rained again last night, with enough of a rumble to wake me up Smiley Happy I can't remember the last time that happened. It didn't frighten me, I went straight back to sleep, which isn't the norm for me when awoken. I think the sound of rain on my tin roof was just so soothing? This morning there was a heavy weight curled up almost on my legs & a fluff ball with his face nearly on mine . . . & it was all good Smiley Happy It seems to have made the air cleaner, maybe by settling the dust. I've been having some real drama with my nasal passages, ever since the dust storms, I don't know if they had really settled until now. Even the clouds look cleaner, they had this tinge of orange to them, no matter what time of day - for so very long. I'm starting to think I've made the right decision with leaving my trip for another week, if this is happening here . . . I can't imagine what's happening along the coastline! 

I really, really have to go into town today, I'm out of milk. I meant to go in yesterday, but . . . well . . . I didn't. But I don't like tea or coffee without it, & I'm very used to drinking the rest of the litre of an evening while I'm watching shows on the box. I didn't get it while I was shopping last, because the car was in being serviced & I had to cart everything around. It would have been too heavy & wouldn't have fitted with 2 boxes of milk cartons in my little pull-along hand trolley. I have to go back into the big smoke for the next couple of fortnights, they always find something else that needs to be done during a service, this time it's the alternator belt & a top radiator hose clamp - they tell me the one on it is a non-adjustable one. Both are things I find rather vitally important. I have to go in twice, once to make the appointment & then again to return for it. I make them a fortnight apart so they coincide with my 'payday' & I can take advantage of the Aldi store nearby. So next pay day I intend to get about $50 worth of milk Smiley Wink That's $1 a carton, 1/2 dozen cartons to a box - 4 boxes; should get me through the following fortnights service Smiley Very Happy What a rave about milk, I don't know that I've ever raved about milk in such a manner before Smiley Happy I think it feels good to rave on about just an everyday thing like that  Smiley Happy  I might leave it until later this afternoon & take the puppies for a walk in the forest on the way back - unless of course, it's raining - is it greedy of me to hope for more? What the hey . . . I can hope Smiley Very Happy


Love to all that need or want it Heart

@Mazarita @outlander  @eth  @Zoe7  @Faith-and-Hope  @Appleblossom  @greenpea  @Queenie  @Shaz51  @Teej  @CheerBear  @Sophia1 


Re: Exo's Exposé

Adding in my voice here @Exoplanet to say I love your updates Smiley Very Happy

Re: Exo's Exposé

🤗 Me too ❣️


@Exoplanet @Zoe7 

Re: Exo's Exposé

Love your simplicity, life style, 

AND your Wit.

Smiley Happy @Exoplanet 

Re: Exo's Exposé

It rained AGAIN!!! I didn't end up taking the puppies into the forest, 'cause the sky was making all kinds of noises; I did go & get milk . . . & a feast of vegies & some snags Smiley Wink We went for our usual walk along the gorgeous fence line, but I made a detour along the way this time - a bee line to the dam . . . . there's a giant puddle in it!!! Smiley Very Happy There is water in my dam, it might only come up to the Staffy's knees . . . but it's there Smiley Very Happy
I haven't used the fan for a couple of nights now, & not even much through the day - there's the occasional touch of humidity that requires a 12 volt breeze . . . but I'm gonna say it again "I hope this means the season has changed!" Smiley Happy It's still overcast, but I dare not hope for more. Consecutive overcast days like this affects my solar power, I'm glad I set up a 2nd system & I do have a generator - I'm very wealthy in comforts Smiley Wink Not that I'm saying I won't be happy if there's more, it's been way too long since the last flood - I guess I'm just trying to be realistic. It has been years since my dam even held a puddle for any amount of days. I've always been amazed at how wetting my curtains & myself then standing in front of whatever breeze, 12 volt, natural or 240, 450watt fan, makes me feel soooo much cooler - just add water Smiley Wink I'm noticing another marvel of the addition of water . . . everything's so much cleaner - the very air that touches my skin, feels cleaner & that makes everything feel much better Smiley Happy . . . just add water. My area has it's beauty, it may not have the lush greens of the rainforest's but it has it's own magnificent pallet of colours. It's not just brown, it's every shade from golden yellows, through bright to burnt oranges, into every shade of red & there is green, a mosaic of grey & silver greens that sparkle when caught in the light; the sky isn't just blue, it goes through the palest of yellows - almost white, through all the array of oranges - like a permanent sunset all day, into the richest browns that makes me feel like I'm on another planet; & it does go grey, when the rainclouds gather together & cover above, in fact yesterday it went all but black, I had to put the light on at 3pm in the afternoon! I've always thought the weather affects the process of the brain & I think I like how this weather is changing mine Smiley Happy I was so sick of the heat, even though I still say this Summer has been kinder than others; which is strange considering a couple of hours down the road inland, they broke the 50 mark - which is a temperature I just can't fathom! I don't think we broke 45 here, not that I noticed? But then I think my body just can't fathom anything over 40, like that's as hot as it can get - after that, no matter what the number is, I can't get any hotter? I've been getting around the mid 30's leading up to the rain, I've just checked with the Guru & it's down to the 30's this week Smiley Very Happy I normally notice the heat around 30, but I guess by the end of Summer my body develops a bit of tolerance - it's my mind that won't tolerate it any more! Smiley Happy
Well, a rave about the weather, isn't that what normal people talk about - maybe not in such detail, 'cause their restricted by societies expectations of them. I think I'm lucky, I can let my soul fly a little further on this Forum Smiley Happy

Love to all that need or want it Heart

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Re: Exo's Exposé

I love the way you write @Exoplanet - you can even make the weather seem interesting lol

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