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Everything Butterflies

Hello @Darcy, @outlander, @Determined, @Grasshopper3, @Former-Member, @Appleblossom, @Faith-and-Hope, @Flower1, @Former-Member, @Mazarita, @Sherry, @BlueBay, @Bimby2, @Lunar, @Pebbles, @NikNik, @JoJo99, @CheerBear, @Zoe7, @Former-Member, @Dec, @Former-Member, @oceangirl, @Kurra, @Anony18, @Pepsimax, @Queenie, @Coffeelover, @Sans911, @MoonGal, @aButterfly, @Jacques, @WombatBoots

thought I would open a thread to add pictures of Butterflies


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Re: Everything Butterflies

i cant see your photos
it just shows a grey triangle with yellow in the middle I wonder if has to do with internet settings on my laptop
Got it... it was waiting mod's approval   lol

Re: Everything Butterflies

Hi @Grasshopper3, the picture i being moderated so it will come up soon xx

Re: Everything Butterflies

@Shaz, beautiful your butterfly...
Now I have to go outside and chase those butterflies so I can put nice photo on here too lol haha

Re: Everything Butterflies

oh yes @Grasshopper3, love to see them

Re: Everything Butterflies

Thanks @Shaz51

I love the picture.  But to let you in on a secret - I am so scared of butterflies and moths.  I will not go into the butterfly centre at the zoo.  I was taunted as a child by my neighbour with dead butterflies and moths leaving them on my pillow on my bed. and since then i am terrified of them. Also as a young driver having moths fly all over me in the car while i was driving almost causing accidents - so scared.

I wish I could have one sit on my hand but i am too frightened. Smiley Sad

but thank you Smiley Happy

Re: Everything Butterflies

Hello @Shaz-51 & everyone!

what a beautiful butterfly pic! Love it!

Hope that you're all having a nice Sunday. 😀


Re: Everything Butterflies

that`s ok @BlueBay, I am wary of snakes xx

hope you are having a good sunday @Coffeelover  xx

this is a blue mountain butterfly in my garden

butterfly 1.jpg



Re: Everything Butterflies

You take fantastic pics Shaz, the colours are beautiful.

It's good to remind ourselves the beauty of nature. 

Re: Everything Butterflies

Great topic @Shaz51!

My favourite butterflies are the Ulysses and Richmond Birdwing. I have fond memories of the butterfly house when I was young. Smiley Happy

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