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All Things Sport...

There are many threads dedicated to sharing experiences - good times and not so good - so I thought I would start a thread for those on here who love their sport. For me - and I suspect for some others - sport is a good distraction as it often blocks out the more negative emotions and helps to avoid triggers that many other things in 'life' so often seem to do.

This thread can also be a place where like-minded (and not so like-minded people @utopia @Former-Member @Zoe7 lol) can 'discuss/debate' their respective competitions in their preferred sport(s).

For those that are definitely NOT into sport @Phoenix_Rising for example - avoid this thread at all costs - whoops just tagged you in..........hahaha!!!!!

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Re: All Things Sport...

@NikNik and Manly 0   -    Zoe and Parra  1

Smiley HappySmiley HappySmiley Happy

Re: All Things Sport...

I'll give you that one, @Zoe7 Smiley Happy

Re: All Things Sport...

@NikNik Encouraging signs from both teams though - may not be as bad a year as we both expected lol

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Re: All Things Sport...

rhubarbmummbleerhubarbhumbug pffft @Zoe7 and NRL.  Sure hope there are some proper football followers here.  AFL players are so much better eye candy.....   just sayin'  Smiley Tongue

Re: All Things Sport...

Oh @Former-Member - AFL is my no: 1 footy code - then soccer - then NRL... 

Just had to 'tease' @NikNik a little because we had only just talked about our respective NRL teams on Friday and then we played each other yesterday.

Do you have an AFL team that you follow or is it just generally for the 'eye candy'?

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Re: All Things Sport...

@Zoe7  Essendon...    from way back. Was hard last year Smiley Sad   Have sentimentality for Eagles and Crows though.  Who do you support?  I'm scared to ask Smiley Tongue 

Did enjoy the Doggies win last year, great story.   Loved Beveridge giving Murph the medal, was bawliing in front of the TV.  What a footy tragic I am!  Smiley LOL


Re: All Things Sport...

@Former-Member Lions - still call them that as followed Fitzroy all my life and then switched over when the amalgamation happened - wouldn't have if we had lost our identity but keeping the old Fitroy colours, lion and song convinced me.

I have felt for Essendon (like so many others) all the way through - the players not the administration - they did not deserve any of what they have been put through and I think the whole thing has been discraceful!!!

I cried too when Beveridge gave Murphy his medal - already respected him as a coach and as a man - and that was one of those moments in life that is truly selfless - amazing. I have a soft spot for the Doggies and Richmond - and have quite enjoyed seeing the rise of the Giants over the last few years (lots of ex Brisbane players involved in the club).

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Re: All Things Sport...

@Zoe7  ohhhh the giants...  I forgotted about them!!  *slaps self*  oh yeah I so hope they go well this year. When Stevie J was suspended in the finals I was shattered.  Gotta love Stevie.. he's just such a lovable bad boy 💗💗

The lions.. yes I was living in Brisbane when it wasn't even possible to find anyone who knew what Aussie rules was, even the GF was barely mentioned on the TV.  Phenomenal where they got to, I do hope they rebuild quickly  and have a better year...   however....

Have you watched any of the AFLW?  The jostle for 2nd place is heating up, your Lion girls are sitting pretty (oops punny one Smiley Tongue )

And...  Yes...  I feel for the Bombers players too, I believe Jobe is a genuinely nice guy and he seems to have been hit hardest and longest, and all the booing etc.  Heart breaking.  I too believe it was totally mishandled, I mean it has been dragging on for years and they chenged directions several times in the pursuit of them. It's just all horrible.  Now Hird overdosing and hospitalised, and with his little kids...   oh it's just all horrid horrid stuff and the AFL and ASADA should be ashamed of themselves for thier utter incompetence.  It should have been cut and dried and dealt with projessionally instead of the drawn out debacle it became.   OK.. didn't mean that rant... but it's typed so there it is  LOL...  shhh next time be warned... don't get me started  Smiley Tongue

Re: All Things Sport...

Oh @Zoe7, great thread.  I love sport, I wish you'd tagged me here too this morning.  I only found this when I clicked on your name and it gave me your profile. As you know, I do find sport to be a good distraction. Woman Wink

I love just about any sport - I am at my  happiest during Olympic Games, Commonweath Games, World Championships, etc.  I even went to the Sydney 2000 Olympic games and got to see live one of the great moments in sport - when Cathy Freeman won her gold medal in Sydney.

But I also follow AFL - my team is the Sydney Swans.  NRL - my team is the Canberra Raiders.  Rugby - My team is ACT Brumbies.  A trend there?  Yeah I used to live in the ACT until about 17 years ago.  Not any longer, but I have maintained my allegiances to my preferred teams.

Yes @Former-Member, I have been watching some of the AFLW matches.  Great to see the women getting so much support too.

But for team sports my favourite sport would be cricket.  All forms of it, T/20, ODIs, Tests.  Unfortunately I rarely get to any live sport these days, due to living in a country or regional area and being a long way from any of the capitals where most big sport is played.

I used to play a lot of sport myself - squash, cricket, tennis, athletics (sprints and long jump), golf, and pretty much anything else going - but due to a back injury 18 years ago I am very limited these days.

Anyway I love this thread and I expect I will become a regular visitor.  Thanks for starting it up Zoe.

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