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Re: @Re: not feeling good

I often hear the love you have for your grandchildren is difficult to explain @BlueBay. It's so understandable that you'd be so sad to lose her being in your house.

I'm imagining mixed feelings seeing your daughter excited about moving out, especially while you're feeling sad. I hope she shows you her appreciation.

Grief of all kinds is really tough. I suck at believing this myself at times, but I think strong doesn't mean not being sad or not crying or not losing it, it means working through that and keeping on keeping on while it's there - which you're doing.

Mega hugs BlueBay ❤

Re: @Re: not feeling good

Times of big change like this can be very hard. We're here for you anytime you need us @BlueBay xx

Re: @Re: not feeling good

Not sure I have a job left 

met new owner yesterday 

he wasn't that interested in us at all 

he told another member thst pretty much he will get rid of staff and only keep one girl who can do dispensary and shop. Which thst Leaves one girl in particular who will most likely stay. She is young and can do both. Snd is currently the manager. 

im devastated and I'm stressing. I knew my job was on the line. I only cover lunches. So I knew I would be first to go. 

I don't know know where to look. Who is going to employ a 54 yr old. 

I know I shouldn't stress until the owner tells me but I can't help it. 

It's a shit week. I am not coping 😢😢
i feel so horrible. Overwhelmed scared of the future and what if I can't find a job. ???

Re: @Re: not feeling good

Dear @BlueBay 


Sorry I have not been around since last Thursday. Been in the midst of emergency bush fire emergency here on the mid north coast. Plus no NBN since Friday, as towers taken out in fires. So no phone or internet since then. On rare occasion I am able to pick up an intermittant wifi connection using my mobile data, but it drops out. Hope this post gets through. Thankfully fire conditions have eased today, and I can relax a bit.


Just quickly caught up on your recent news. So much happening for you! No solutions from me, only lots of understanding. I care about you Bluebay, and have missed you lately. I, along with many others here including @Molliex @CheerBear @Shaz51 @Maggie @Dec @Faith-and-Hope @outlander  are here to lend moral support whenever you want to call upon us. Sorry to read that you have been feeling excluded too .. thats hard, and upsetting to feel that way. I feel absolutely sure, that it is not intended. Please take care. I will try to follow along when I can. No idea yet, when NBN will be back up. So access here is very restricted at present. I care though, and will check in when I can.


Sherry 💕

Re: @Re: not feeling good

Hi @Sherry 


I heard the fires are easy a bit in NSW - I hope that is the case where you are - it has been a terribly stressful and dangerous time for you - and trouble with your internet connections wouldn not help but I think this happens in emergency situations like fires - I have heard of it before - I hope today is easier


Hi @BlueBay 


I just saw you are back - I am sorry if you have felt excluded - it is not intended I am sure - it's good to see you again


Bummer about your job situation - this happens when new owners take over but that doesn't help you at all. It will be tough to lose your job but have you thought about going onto disability or asking your doctor if you can have sickness benefits? Job loss is hard to take - I wish you the best with that


All the best Sherry and BlueBay



Re: @Re: not feeling good

still here too @BlueBay 👋
really sorry about your job situation. if you need to find another job maybe somewhere like a café might be hiring, as you have food experience it looks good on your resume for those sorts of places even though to everyone else its 'just getting lunches'

Re: @Re: not feeling good

Thanks @Dec @outlander  for your support. 
@Sherry @Been thinking of you with the fires. I hope you're ok. 

@Molliex @CheerBear @Gazza75 @Hamsolo01 @Shaz51 

I had panic attack last night. Crying so much. Took a while to calm myself down. 
not a good night. 
now have a headache. 
so much anxiety and stress 

so much to think of 



Re: @Re: not feeling good

@BlueBay  Just reading back. So very sorry you have so much going on for you atm. I don’t know what to say, other than I’m supporting you, thinking of you, sending some 💕💕💕💕💕

Re: @Re: not feeling good

hugs my sister @BlueBay HeartHeart

Re: @Re: not feeling good

Yes @BlueBay 


This is a tough time for you and there is a lot on your plate but you don't have to think about it all at once - just concerned yourself with what you need to attend to today and shelve the rest


Let you daughter get out of the house first - if you read back on this thread for a while you will read that her leaving would be a good thing in some respects so concentrate on how peace it will be and how neat you can keep your house - that's a plus


Of course you will miss A - we all get that - right now that's the hardest part - it will be okay though - you will still see her - and she sounds like a wonderful little girl


About your job prospects - people in their 50s are often valued employees - older people have something younger people don't have - it's experience - make the most of that and play up the strong part of your experience - your task was the presentation of the pharmacy - keeping things looking their best - sell yourself - and also your willingness and ability to fill in for others when they are on holidays or off sick - not everyone is available for that


But they might not have over-looked you - wait and see


And MIL - that is really hard - I know


All the best 



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