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Senior Contributor

not feeling good

At the moment i am not feeling good.  i feel like my body is in 'run away mode'.  i feel my body is running on a high, my head is so mixed up.  i have to go to bed and try to sleep, but don't know if i can.

my hormones are everywhere at the moment; my mood is sky high negative.  i can't deal with this anymre.  all of a sudden i am not feeling good.  i think it is anxiety.

i don't know why i feel like this; i just want to cry but can't becsue everyone is home.  i am going to bed. i don't know what is going on.  actually maybe it is anxiety because i felt like passing out today.

I went to my GP to have my mirena IUD taken out as I had had enough.  But he couldn't find the string, so he sent me for a ultrasound. Had that and the guy said i had two fibroids and a cyst on my ovary.  but he couldn't find the string either, so had to have an xray to find the metal piece.  they didn't tell me anything.  but while waiting i was so anxious i almost passed out.

so now i have to wait for tomorrow when my GP will call me at work and let me know what will happen now.  hopefully he can take the mirena out.  i don't know.

my body is reacting to my anxiety - i feel so shaky, i need to stop.  no point telling anyone at home becasue (a) they won't believe me and (b) they prob wouldn't care.

sorry, i had to tell someone. i feel so alone Smiley Sad

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Re: not feeling good

why am i so damn emotional, i am sick of being so emotional.  crying all the time, anything stupid just gets to me Smiley Sad

what is wrong with me??

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Re: not feeling good

@BlueBay what an incredibly distressing day you've had!! You must have been so scared in that waiting room not knowing what was going on with your IUD.

I think given everything you went through today it's perfectly natural to be feeling that high level of anxiety. What have you got in your coping box to help you for tonight? 

I think what is most difficult about feeling this way is this mental tug of war we do with ourselves- "why do I feel like this?!" then you punish yourself, tell yourself off- and feel even worse. It's a bad habit to get into @BlueBay because it leaves us spiralling down. 

It is OK to feel anxious sometimes. It's OK to feel emotional sometimes. It's OK to feel overwhelmed, frustrated, angry, distressed, inconsolable. There is a reason we have the words to describe these emotions- because they are normal. They are universal. We all feel these things at some point. The more that you accept that it is normal, and be compassionate to yourself when you are experiencing these emotions- the quicker you will be able to slow down the spiralling and start to level out. 

You are an incredible person @BlueBay. Despite how terrible and alone you are feeling- I've just read your posts on other threads being kind, supportive and compassionate to your fellow members. I need you to start taking your own advice now and be kind to yourself. There is absolutely nothing wrong with you.

Re: not feeling good


What a horrible experience no wonder you are so distressed.  What @Former-Member is right, I know when I totally lost it a few weeks ago I was thinking exactly the same as you, why am I feeling like this, why doesnt anyone care etc etc and it does make you worse - it just keeps that brain coming up with more negative stories.  It sounds like anxiety this is exactly how I felt and thats what I was told but I also think we get to a point where we internalise so much because we have no one to speak to "physcially" and then eventually our brain says "i have had enough" then instead of just going with it and accepting the feeling we question it and that then makes it so much worse" I know its easy for me to say when I'm feeling better but just looking back on hindsight I think if I just let myself be anxious and sad instead of trying to put on a brave face I dont think I would have got that bad.

Please do something nice for yourself - treat yourself and see if you can go to the hospital.

Dont think that you are alone because you are in my thoughts we are so similar and I know what you are feeling and how crap it is.


Re: not feeling good

Hi @Former-Member

I just get so angry with myself for how I feel but you say it's okay to feel.  I think because I cant freely express myself at home, always having to hide away because they either think i exaggeragte or don't want me to cry. so how do i express my feelings when the family are like that?

Accepting how i feel to be okay is really difficult for me; i am not really sure why.  I try to be nice and sympathetic to others, always giving advice that i hope would help others.

Thank you @Former-Memberfor your comments.  Oh by the way still waiting for results of xray and ultrasound.  My GP called me at work and said he hadn't received results but will call the place tomorrow morning and call me at work.  I wasn't feeling too good today, havingn mild cramps on my side where the ovary is.  I feeling slightly anxious.


Re: not feeling good

Hey @Change123

I never see myself as a 'nice person' or a person that can be kind to me.  It's like I need to punish myself for whaterver reason i don't know.

Still waiting on results, feeling crap today with pain.  I'm really anxious that i may need to go to hospital for surgery.  I am sh...t scared.


Re: not feeling good

Rocking myself to sleep is not working. Crying crying do much. I'm not good but who cares anyway.
Why can't they find the stupid mirena IUD. How can it disappear.
Anxiety high crying hate this. So much. I need to go.

Re: not feeling good

Eyes puffy from crying. Rocking still not working. Too tired but can't sleep. I want a break. Wish someone would take me away and put me in hospital. Sh is on my mind. Counting to sleep. Need to
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Re: not feeling good


Hi @BlueBay

Sorry to read your are feeling so low and distressed.

What do you think would be helpful for you to do?

Do you think taking a warm shower might help?

Re: not feeling good

Hi everyone

Saw my GP tonight for a referral to see a gyno reg. 'missing mirena', fibroids and cyst on ovary.

I don't feel good at the moment, feeling very anxious and worried.

Home alone at the moment, hubby and boys gone to a 21st, i was supposed to go but am not feeling good. So waiting now for daughter to come home and we will grab a pizza and watch tv, maybe if i feel like it.  at the moment i want to be alone and hibernate from the world.

how is everyone doing?

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