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Re: Taking the plunge

(No one needs to reply to this, I'm just practicing posting somewhere other than the "no replies" thread cause I'm a bit of a weirdo.)


I'm having a morning with my usual morning anxiety. I feel permeable. Like the atomic nuclei inside me are all too far apart and weakly bonded and if I leave my bed I'll come apart. If I go outside, the outside will go inside of me, not solid enough to be present against the natural physical forces of the universe.


May all your covalent bonds be strong today 😉

Re: Taking the plunge

@TheVorticon  💙💙💙

Re: Taking the plunge

Replying because I want to, not need to @TheVorticon (not that I have anything really to reply with - science words are a bit beyond me 😉). I hope your anxiety settles a little and your covalent bonds (I googled that one) strengthen enough to get you out of bed if that's what you're hoping/wanting/needing to do 🙂 I've dusted off Mario Kart recently. Lots of fun. Thought of you while striving for 3 stars and gold 🎮

Re: Taking the plunge

Oooh @Maggie you're here. Does that mean the people in blue have been and gone 🤞💙

Re: Taking the plunge

@TheVorticon @Zoe7 @CheerBear @CheerBear @outlander @Sherry 


Its done. They were detectives in plain clothes. 

They were very understanding. It will be officially documented as assault. I feel like I’ve been hit by a few trucks, but still standing regardless.

Facing the fears is something I’m finding hard. I was too afraid to walk away from this relationship. I’ve know it was toxic and draining since the beginning. I’m feeling pathetic regarding that aspect of it. 

Time to spend time with furbaby. Too hot to walk. Too wabbly anyway. Thankyou everyone. ❤️💙💜💛💚

Re: Taking the plunge

So huge @Maggie in lots of ways. I'm so sorry you went through all of this 🙁 You're not pathetic but hugs for feeling that way. Furbaby time sounds perfect.

Sending you lots and lots of love ❤

Re: Taking the plunge

Massive achievement @Maggie So well done for getting through that. Give little Mags some huge hugs while you find your feet again. It is no small thing giving your statement to detectives - so look after yourself now Hon Heart

Re: Taking the plunge

Well done @Maggie, that's huge.

Re: Taking the plunge

Well done @Maggie  ✅✅


Good to hear they were in plain clothes and also understanding.  I'd reckon your counsellor would have briefed them somewhat, which no doubt made things a little easier for you.  Glad it has been documented as assault .. because thats exactly what it was!  


I really hope that this will result in a closure of this particular relationship with 'kind of friend'.  Its been a long time happening, but its done now.  No easy thing to do .. and I know you are feeling really wobbly from all thats involved.  But you did it ... and hopefully now you can start to relax a little bit.  Job done!  


Hi @TheVorticon 


Sherry 💕


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Re: Taking the plunge

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