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Son husband and sister all different diagnosis


Found this forum a few days ago. a friend shared it on face book.  My life at the moment, it was timely. 

I am married and have 3 teenage kids, I would consider my self pretty happy, however our son has had a number of health issues over the last couple of years culminating in 3 diagnosis'.  He has severe sleep apnea, ASD and Conversion disorder.  He has gone from doing dance, soccer, playing Euphonium in the local brass band and 100% attendance at school, to 30% attendance at school, and doing 2 VCE over at least 2 years.  He started Anti Anxiety medication last week and I reckon we have had some improvement already.  He is currently having weekly psych appointments, twice weekly physio and other misc doctor and sleep clinic appointments.  He is also needing to be dropped off and picked up from school.  Where he used to walk, and was very self sufficient.

My husband has depression and has been on medication for the last few years.  Most of the time he is fine, but sometimes he gets frustrated and goes quiet.  He is a bit down at the moemtn due to changes at work and every little decision havin to be approved by his supervisor, which means a heap more paperwork.  It will sort itself out but he is finding it tough to get his jobs done.  Just a new supervisor who wants every i dotted by 3 different people and the ts crossed by another 8 to cover his back.  He is also away a lot due to work, so I do the most of the chasing kids around.  I love my hubby dearly, he is my best friend and my rock, he has depression, but it probably only affects us less than an hour a week.  When he is home I feel complete.  Corny I know

My sister had schizoid affective disorder, and lives with my parents I also help care for her.  She also has an intellectual disability and she is hard work.  

Our number 2 son is an aspie and our daughter is a creative dynamo who is into sport, art, music, drama and her social life.

So busy life.  I am really glad to find this forum as I do sometimes feel nobody quite gets it.  That you cope and keep coping, but sometimes you just want to scram at them to get over it.  That passes but the shame and disgust you feel at yourself for a while after lasts longer.  I think overall I am doing an ok job as a mum but sometimes I just feel like a failure.


Some days are overwhelming, some 


Re: Son husband and sister all different diagnosis

Hi @Pudel!! welcome to the Forums. I'm Special_k one of the friendly SANE moderating team . You have found a great, sharing and caring community. Thankyou for sharing your story. You most certainly are not alone in the way you are feeling and you obviously care very much about your family members. I don't know how you could possibly feel that you are a failure? to me it sounds like you are remarkable and very resilient as it certainly sounds like you have a lot going on in your life at the moment; particularly with the diagnoses presented in the last 2 months. Is your husband currently receiving professional support from a psychiatrist or psychologist or would he be open to the suggestion? Also, what do you do to take care of yourself? and what supports do you have available to you as we are no good to our loved ones if we fall in a heap..which can be a risk if we are the only one holding it together.  Have a look at this thread you may find some good connections there. Once again welcome! I hope to see you around Smiley Happy

Re: Son husband and sister all different diagnosis

@Pudel let me tell you, you are amazing! 

To hold together a family faced with all your challenges, you deserve a medal, or a hug or at least a glass of wine! i struggle sometimes just to keep my bipolar partner and the dog under wraps haha!

Never doubt yourself and you are definetly not alone! there are so many amazing people here on the forum who will have great ideas, advice, funny stories to make you laugh and amazing words of support. 

so welcome! 



Re: Son husband and sister all different diagnosis

@Pudel, I agree with @Tiggeroo you are doing amazing! You have an incredible amount of responsibilities, keeping your family together. It sounds like you are doing a fantastic job, caring for several people in your family. Who's looking after you? Remember to care for you too.

How have you managed to stay afloat this whole time?


Re: Son husband and sister all different diagnosis

Welcome @Pudel !!

You are amazing!

I hope you continue to 'hang around' the forums. Here are some discussions that I like to visit when I just want to be around other carers.

Hot chocolate anyone?: Just a bit of a social thread

Stress relief : A thread you can just vent when you don't want/need a response

When things go right: A place to celebrate when you or your loved one has a 'win' no matter how big or small.


Anyway, just thought I'd pop by and say hi Smiley Happy

All the best

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