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Re: Sharing my life with Ms Sophie (Bipolar II)

Hi @Darcy 


Ms S prefers to have as low key as possible Christmas but also yearns to be with her family at these times so we travel interstate every second year to have Christmas Eve with her family - and other years stay home and see my family ... the alternating between families has been an unbreakable rule for 21 yrs now and I think this routine at least is predictable and we don’t have anticipation over deciding what to do each year ... Ms S got us a little Christmas tree today as a surprise as if mentioned I nearly got one bit felt bad to spend $$ ... can’t wait to set it up together ... how does mr D cope at Christmas ?? Do you have a routine ? 

Re: Sharing my life with Ms Sophie (Bipolar II)

Having an alternating plan makes a lot of sense @Sophie1.  We don't live near any family and haven't done for years.


We get together for lunch with "Christmas orphans"  - others in the same boat as us who don't have family around.


Christmas eve we have 3 or 4 older blokes with little or no family about who live on their own over for a meal.  They have hearty appetites and there is plenty of talking.


Mr Darcy finds a lot of things difficult and things he struggles with things such as a lack of friends and sense of belonging are highlighted at this time of the year. 



Re: Sharing my life with Ms Sophie (Bipolar II)

Hi @Darcy and @Shaz51 today Ms S was in bed all day with headache again ... a friend of mine had a tough week and was really down and I was worried for them  so I decided to take a day trip and go visit my friend who needed a cheer up ... this meant not working today and leaving Ms S at home alone .. it was a good call to visit friend they really appreciated it and we had a good catch up - however I’m really exhausted now and feeling a bit drained ... tomorrow is early Christmas catch up with my dad and step mum - I hope it’s an easy day and I’m not too tired - feeling weary 

Re: Sharing my life with Ms Sophie (Bipolar II)


I do hope today is relaxing for you. Do you think you will get your tree up this weekend?


Re: Sharing my life with Ms Sophie (Bipolar II)

@Darcy Tree will need to go up tomorrow ... I can’t wait I’m very excited I love a Christmas tree 

Re: Sharing my life with Ms Sophie (Bipolar II)

Hope get together yesterday went smoothly @Sophie1.

Was Ms S up to decorating the tree today?

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