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my husband of 9 years is currently giving me the silent treatment. It isn’t something new he does this whenever he is stressed or I do something to annoy him and he bottles it up and it explodes like this. I have tried talking to him I have apologised for what I did but still nothing. I’m so scarred he is going to leave me I have suffered anxiety and depression for 15 years and I’m having a really hard time is their any advice


Re: Relationships

Hi there @Jess5  thanks heaps for sharing, that's really hard. Silent treatment can be a very difficult thing to deal with, and isn't always a kind thing to do to another person. It sounds like you're doing everything you can so, if you can, in the process try to be gentle wih yourself.


Would you consider giving therapy a go for either yourself or you and your partner? Is there a specific reason you think he will leave you outside of the silent treatment? We are here to listen Heart

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