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Senior Contributor

OCD and it's various forms

Hi there everyone

I started a post almost 2years ago regarding my own particular peripheral vision, eye contact, distraction form of chronic OCD. It  often has a co exisiting relationship (in my case) with conditions such as Tourrettes Syndrome, ADHD as well as depression and anxiety.

Through discussion of OCD with others living with the conditiion I have come to understand that most cases are unique to the individual and vary in degrees of scope. (and may be dependant of the coexisitng issues involved.)

My own 'version' of OCD (adhd/TS) has been with me since my early teenage years and continues to play a part in my daily life.  I understand my OCD thoughts are 'silly', 'pointless' or 'immature' and I personally 'don't care' what other people think of me (in many cases) to the extent that the OCD does.

Regardless, my OCD still seems to care very much about what others think and the repititive thoughts/behaviours (although at times may vary in intensity) continue on their un-merry go round will not go away.

I would be very interested to hear life stories from others living with a co-exisitng form of OCD and why they think it works the way it does.

Thanks very much.



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