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New Contributor

Introducing myself


This is the first time I've used a carers forum, in fact any forum, so forgive my newbie-ness. 

My husband has some sort a psychotic disorder. Apparently not schizophrenia but something more than just drug induced psychosis. It's most likely he has asd and anxiety that he's self medicated with drugs and alcohol. 7 years ago he was forcibly admitted and ended up released in medication. But no one showed us where to go from there. We had one psychiatrist who was okay but I had to attend every appointmwnt with him and I rapidly hit burn out. After this he stopped going and stopped meds.

I guess the main problem is he has no awareness that he's unwell. No idea that his delusions are just that. No idea that his paranoia is unwarranted. And i can't get him to agree to get help because "there's nothing wrong with him". But I can't live like this anymore. We have separated in the past but it's always a huge big argument and trauma to get him out of the house and safely to his parents. And I struggle to keep him at arms length as we have 7 kids and I need some support somewhere. I've newly been diagnosed with adhd myself and the meds are making a huge difference, so maybe I can manage on my own now?

Anyway, if you've stuck with me this long thanks. Hoping I can learn something or make some connections here. 



Re: Introducing myself

Hey @pj7adhdc,

Welcome to the forums, I'm one of the moderators. It's really brave to reach out in a new space so it's great to see you on here.

That sounds incredibly hard what you're going through. It sounds like it has been a long journey supporting your husband and his lack of awareness when he is unwell is really hard. It is so hard to be supporting someone when that is the case. It sounds like you have experience in the challenges of trying to separate from him, but at the same time you are feeling a lot stronger at the moment and wondering if you are ready to try again. 

I hope you find the forums a really supportive place, there is a lot of wisdom and experience on here as well as connection. Please feel free to introduce yourself in this thread too if you would like and to have a read of different discussion. 

Take care,


Re: Introducing myself

Welcome to the forums @pj7adhdc, it certainly does sound like you've had a tough time. Have you been able to talk to your husband about your own diagnosis and treatment? 

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