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Re: Introduce yourself here

Hi. I am here to support my son through bouts of severe depression without getting overwhelmed my self.

I sing in a choir, I obsessively check facebook to see if my son is logged on and therefore alive. I crack inappropriate jokes with my best friends.

Re: Introduce yourself here


I'm Lola.

Just trying to figure out this forum atm. How do I create a post?

Re: Introduce yourself here

Hey @ComplexityQueen, looks like you've got the hang of posting! If you want to tag people into a post just use the @ symbol and start typing their name. Heart

Re: Introduce yourself here

Hi I’ve just been on a wild ride with a daughter who was admitted involuntary under the MHA and diagnosed with psychosis. I joined this forum as I got the leaflet for arafmi from the hospital and rang today on the 24 hr line which was helpful. I’m taking one day at a time, but am realising  what’s important in life and how as a mum you never stop being one even when you have adult children. I’m looking forward to hearing how others cope and what they have found helpful as I don’t live in the same town as my children and feel very anxious as I’ll need to leave soon. I’m still working part time have a wonderful caring husband love crafts and play music. 

Re: Introduce yourself here

Hi All,


I’m wishing and hoping to connect with people travelling the same journey as me.

I am supporting my sister through her journey of anxiety and depression. 

3 things about me, I love the outdoors, I love the ocean and I love travelling. 

Re: Introduce yourself here

Hello @Stefee @Anne5  and welcome, please do feel free to have a look around the forums. 


@Stefee  if you have not seen it, there is a thread where others who care for their adult children chat.

@Anne5  whilst I primarily care for my husband,  my sister has depression and at present support her "long distance" as she lives interstate.


There are some social threads where we chat with those who understand about various interest that we have, which helps us in the "self care" department so that we do not get overwhelmed with what is happening with our loved ones.

Re: Introduce yourself here

Thanks Darcy for the welcome.


Your situation with your sister is the same as mine. I’m up north of the country and she is down south, I’m supporting her from afar.

However, I am heading down to her soon to help her try and settle back into some sort of normal life as she has been in a program for 3 weeks. 

She had an attempt, which is why she is in this program. Dealing with this from so far away was awfully tricky..I learnt a lot in a very short space of time..CAT track at hospital etc 

I’m super concerned with what this will look like for her after I leave to rejoin my family.

This is a whole new world for her attempt and consequence diagnosis came unexpectedly.

Im hoping that speaking with other people that are going through a similar situation will give me some guidance.

Thanks for the welcome. I’m so happy I found this forum and very glad to be here.

Re: Introduce yourself here

Welcome to the forums @Anne5 and @Stefee Smiley Happy You've joined a great community of people Heart How are you doing this weekend, does anyone have anything fun planned?

Re: Introduce yourself here

Hi Ali11, Stefee here believe it or not I had surgery to repair a hammer toe on Thursday so I’ve got time off from work have to rest it up so have reading to do have nearly finished the book changing minds really good read. Crochet and hand sewing and embroidery are all on the cards as well. What are you up to?

Re: Introduce yourself here

Hi Anne5, I to am supporting my daughter from afar, thank god for phones and FaceTime I say as I keep in touch everyday. The book changing minds is a great read when you can around the mental health system and diagnosis’s too. My daughter has her hearing for the Mental health review tribunal in a couple of weeks so as a support person I’m looking at all the paperwork to help her with the response. I found the other night when I was worried about it all I went onto headspace to listen to a program on sleep, can I say it works 2 mins into a 10 min one and I was sleeping 💤😀. You can subscribe but I used the free one. As a new contributor I have found these forums very supportive and it’s good to know that your not alone and that people on here are compassionate and understand. Take care

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