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Re: Introduce yourself here

hi @Socrates8 and welcome
i dont have any words of wisdom but wanted to welcome you. I do hope others may have some suggestions for you though.
Please feel free to have a look around, join in where you like and start a thread for yourself.
If you put an @ before a members name itll tag them for you so theyll recieve a notification as well.

Re: Introduce yourself here

Hi @Socrates8 and welcome to the forums.


You really have had a rough time of it, and I am glad you have found us here to walk along with you.


I have at least two adult kids suffering from anxiety.  I say at least two, because there is another one in the household who has intellectual disability, and her behaviours suggest anxiety disorder too, but it’s harder to diagnose and treat for her.


Something I can tell you is that it was only when the kids were ready to accept that they had a disorder, and it was treatable, and getting treatment was going to feel much better than the way they were feeling, that they were able to accept help and support.


You can try buying your daughter some things like a voucher for a massage, and herbal teas like chamomile, and lavender hand cream.  All of these are supports for anxiety, but they are not treatment like a psychologist can give.  That is really a conversation she needs to have with her doctor.  


I know what it is like to feel helpless in the face of a loved one’s struggle.  My hubby has developed an eating disorder that he can’t recognise as illness, and I can’t do anything at all about it other than to walk along with him until he is ready to accept help.


Goid for you for achieving the lifestyle changes that you have !



Re: Introduce yourself here

Thanks for your reply & support it is most welcome of course... :-)

Re: Introduce yourself here

Thanks @outlander...

Your reply & support are most welcome thank you for your message... :-)

Re: Introduce yourself here

Hi @Faith-and-Hope...

Wow! Sounds like you have many challenges too...

Yes, trying to help her understand that w/ acceptance of her condition, not only will the healing begin but so too her new life...

She is even more stubborn than I am, I am afraid. Making it almost impossible to share a rationale conversation. I am hoping that together, (w/ my son-in-law), that we might attend a psychologist together and ask for their guidance to help her find a bridge she can trust to walk across alone, and thereby build her own newly found strength and confidence, and recommence her life where she is much loved by all...

Thanks so much again...

Re: Introduce yourself here

No problem @Socrates8.


You and her hubby consulting a psychologist is a good idea, and something I do for guidance and a listening ear in my circumstances.


Have a browse around the forums.  There are many different types of support threads here where you can meet other battlers who are great to chat to on crappy days, and have the occasional laugh with, if and when you’re up for one.


Re: Introduce yourself here

Thanks @Faith-and-Hope, nice to meet you

Re: Introduce yourself here

Greetings all, I am thankful for this venue where we can vent and support one another. My wife is afflicted with schizoaffective disorder which is why I am in this forum… She is in the midst of another episode of severe paranoia and hostile behaviour that I'm struggling to cope with. I fell in love with her from afar which is why I am with her now and hopefully always.

- I immigrated here six years ago from the U.S.

- Cats are part of my DNA \(=^ェ^=)/

- Am a weather geek loving it here in Hobart

Much as I would be grateful for tips on coping with my wife's irrationality, I think I could most benefit from face-fo-face contact with others who are dealing with or have dealt with loved ones with MI.


Re: Introduce yourself here

Hi @TazCat and welcome to the forums 👋


Sorry to hear of the struggles you have with your beloved wife ..... many of us are familiar with similar difficulties, and being here together helps us to learn, support each other, and persevere .....

Many of us also supplement these (anonymous = no-meet-ups-face-to-face) forums with therapy and support groups in our cities, towns, regions.  A network of support like that is a good spread to have, and it meets different needs and circumstances, particularly where people are socially isolated for whatever reason.


For us the core issue is severely eating disordered but well hidden behaviours in my darling husband, but I expect when he can eventually be diagnosed it will be with multiple conditions.  I am no expert, but he was an intense workaholic prior to this set of behaviours triggering, and that registers as an OCD condition ..... and there is more ..... it seems we have a personality disorder basis in here somewhere that needs tweaking back into a compatible state with maintaining relationships, which are under immense strain currently.


Anyway .... I will tag you from a few other threads, to meet some other forumites.  Feel free to respond where it suits you.


Re: Introduce yourself here

Hi TazCat


I am sorry to hear about the difficulties you are having coping with your wife’s condition.  It is so lovely to hear that you are such a loyal and supportive husband. It’s great that to see that you have reached out to SANE Forum to share your story and seek support from our Forum members.   


The SANE Forums are anonymous to help members feel that they can share personal experiences without being identified.  The idea is that the Forums are a platform for users to chat and provide support online through anonymous names rather than face to face.  This means that members are not permitted to share personal information on the forums to faciliate meeting up in person or be identified.


However, you may wish to connect up with other carers of people with mental illnesses through contacting Carers Australia who may link you up with carer peer support groups. Please see below following details for Carers Australia:

1800 242 636 - Carer Supports and Services


I hope that our forum members will also be able to share their experiences and tips for dealing with loved ones who have schizoaffective disorder and that you will the Forum experience to be a helpful one Smiley Happy.


Take care,


For urgent assistance, call: