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Re: Introduce yourself here

Hello @Ewok-keeper@Bellasweet@Carebear94@Eddie01  @MrDad @kk3 and @Emotionalreggal 

Welcome to the forums to all of you.  We are a very supportive bunch here.  One way of finding support is to use the search bar and enter some key words of what you want to talk about e.g. your diagnosis or an experience you are having/have had.  Another way is to start your own thread and talk about yourself, ask questions and find others with common ground. 

Hope you find the forums as safe and supportive as I do.  If you want to tag someone just put @ before their name with no spaces and a drop down menu will appear that you can select the name you want.  

Re: Introduce yourself here

Welcome to the forums @kk3 Smiley Happy Look forward to seeing you around some of the threads

Re: Introduce yourself here

Hi @kk3

I'm one of the moderators, I'm really glad you've come on the forums as I can hear there is so much going on for you. I'm sorry to hear you have been struggling for a while and have recently experienced an assault. That's really hard to now be wondering if a pregnancy may have resulted from that. I can hear that as scary as it is you reached out for support here and have made an appointment with someone to talk to. That's really amazing. 

I wanted to let you know as well that there is 1800 RESPECT who can provide short-term phone counselling around sexual assault as well as linking you into local support if you need. 

Take care of yourself, 




Re: Introduce yourself here

This comment has been moved by a moderator to another part of the forum where it might be more easily found by the community.

Re: Introduce yourself here

Hey @kk3
Hope you enjoy it here

Re: Introduce yourself here

No problems @Ewok-keeper! Are you looking forward to the new Dark Phoenix movie that's coming out? 

Re: Introduce yourself here

Also welcoming @Kpowell@Maggie2011@mysticmermaid@thatcub and @Yesiam to the forums. Since the weather is a little chilly - what is your warm beverage of choice? 

Re: Introduce yourself here

 @Kpowell@Maggie2011@mysticmermaid@thatcub and @Yesiam  welcome from me too.  Hope you are finding your way around the forums ok.  You can use the search bar to see if there are any threads about your challenges and/or interests.  And if you want to tag someone just put @ and type their name and a drop down box will appear where you can click on that name.  For short names (like mine) it can help to type the name slowly.

Take care and hope you find support and people with common experiences and issues.  We are a wide and varied bunch of people here.


Re: Introduce yourself here



I work part time and care for my wife and her 2 kids. They all have there own unique disabilities. I watch Netflix and love the shows L u c i f e r, Black Spot, The Dark and The Good Place. Interesting that it would not allow me to post the word L####r



Re: Introduce yourself here

Welcome to the forums @MrDad and sorry we haven't replied sooner! Caring is a lot of work at times, how are you going? Do you have some support? Netflix has some fantastic series, doesn't it? Have you seen The Umbrella Academy? There are quite a few good threads around here, please feel welcome to join in some conversations and get to know some of this lovely community, we're all here for each other Heart

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