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Re: Introduce yourself here

@Zoe7 thanks for getting back to me. I'll look around and take it at my own pace. I don't want to rush myself as I'm really delicate. I have an inner strength but I guess we're talking about other people lol so I want to be as gentle as I can about venturing out. I also want to be careful I don't wear you out at the same time as offending everybody and creating a lawsuit! Only kidding 😋


I'll be fine.


Re: Introduce yourself here

Take it at your own pace @Late It is important you do what feels comfortable for you and you experience the forum in your own unique way. As for offending people - just be yourself - that is enough Smiley Very Happy

Re: Introduce yourself here

@Zoe7 it's nice to talk with you.


I am totally new to all of this and don't know what to expect. I guess I'll just wander around, read and post.

Re: Introduce yourself here

Jump in on any thread you feel comfortable to add your voice to @Late Take a look at some of the social threads as well - there are ones for dog lovers, cat lovers, art, craft, a community garden and sport just to name a few. I frequent some of those threads and it is a good place to meet new people with shared interests - and they aren't as heavy as some of the other threads - might be a place to start to work your way into the forum (just a suggestion though - you jump in where you feel able to do so) Smiley Very Happy

Re: Introduce yourself here

Hi everyone,
I’m lonely and incredibly anxious.... it’s gotten really bad lately.... unfortunately it’s probably something I will suffer from all my life, on and off.
And it’s horrible...
I wish there was an easy fix!

Re: Introduce yourself here

Hi @Al1ce Can you pinpoint what is making you so anxious? Sometimes knowing that can help us to deal with it.

Re: Introduce yourself here

Hi! Your clarity and bravery is inspiring. I am still working on acceptance of my illness.

Re: Introduce yourself here

Thank you!

Re: Introduce yourself here



So I've recently gone through a manic episode and am now trying to piece things back together.


1. I love to sing

2. Music is a big part of my healing process.

3. I play golf.


Re: Introduce yourself here

welcome @Al1ce @LouLou9 @Late  i hope your find your way around ok 



hi @MissTee82  and welcome

i hope you find being here helpful. to tag members (so we get a notification) you just put an @ before the members name. feel free to have a look around and see where youd like to join in. weve got alot of social threads where people just chat or weve got sports, pets, dogs, cats, or 'anyone feel like chatting" that you might be interested in and can find them by using the sane searchbar or just having a look through as you feel up to it 

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