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Casual Contributor

IBS woes

I have been suffering with IBS now for number of years, everyday travel is a battleWorrying if im going to have an "episode" on the train or in the car or a plane.i take pills but they then block me up etc etc.I find deep breatbing helps,but it is making my life miserable and i feel i have developed an anxiety disorder.Does anyone else go yhtough this 😕


Re: IBS woes

What does IBS stand for, Marie? *doe eyes*

And welcome to the forum! 

Re: IBS woes

Irritable bowel syndrome, it's horrible ,has no cure,and can really mess with your head

Re: IBS woes

Hi Marie,

Welcome to forums!

Gosh, I can only imagine how long trips probably feel for you. Smiley Sad Sounds like having IBS is creating worry/anxiety, which can also feed into IBS, making it seem like things are snowballing.

Learning breathing techiques can help. You might find this thread about mindfulness helpful, it has techniques that you can use to stay calm. Have you spoken to your GP about this? Having anxiety as well as IBS is not uncommon (see link above). Your doctor may be able to refer you to mental health professional. 

@Tuffsy60 , I recall reading post where you mentioned that you had IBS and anxiety. Do you have any advice for Marie?



Re: IBS woes

Hi Marie,
There'so no easy remedy, especially if you have a stressful job like I had. I can relate to problems on trains which are exacerbated by my fear of crowds (Aspergers). I try to have at least one long walk a day and this really helps me to be less anxious. But basically it's a pain in the butt (amongst other places)!
Casual Contributor

Re: IBS woes

Every morning before i comute i go through the same rubbish, stressing myself silly. The crazy part is when i do have an incident its always when im not thinking about it!

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