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Senior Contributor

I feel lost

I'm on medication yet I still feel lost and feel guilty with my trauma here we go again I plan to study and I have to concentrate properly hopefully I can unpack it in my consulling appointments weekly and in class focus in class and In consulling focus on trauma recovery great I'm gonna have to bring up a recent sexual assault the one i feel guilty about I feel lost in the pain and alone community here I know ur all here to support eachother 


Re: I feel lost

Hi @Evie1. Feeling lost and being alone in pain is hard. Trauma has a way of messing with us and pushing all the buttons, including really unhelpful ones like the guilt one πŸ™

How do you feel about talking with your counsellor? There are safe ways of working through big trauma like sexual assualt.

Hope you can experience some of the support that's here for you too.

Re: I feel lost

@Evie1  Hearing you. Sending some of these πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’•πŸ’•

Re: I feel lost

Hey @Evie1 thinking of you. Sounds like you are getting some good support in place - medication, counselling. It can be a long hall, and finding people who get it and don't judge has really helped me hang in there and grow. The forum has been great for me that way. Are there people on the ground who can do the same for you as well as here?


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