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New Contributor

Elderly relative refuses to accept power of attorney


My elderly aunt lost her partner recently and is grieving. She suffers dementia and other mental health disorder. She refuses to accept that the will needs executing and no idea how the manage the estate once hers. We don't have a power of attorney and she met with us and solicitir calmly to do discuss this and agreed! But within hours has become completely paranoid and abusive. This has been a week now.

Do you know who can  help here? 



Re: Elderly relative refuses to accept power of attorney

Hi @Jcoo5


You can apply to the guardianship board for power of attorney if a person does not have capacity. Financial is different to health and process varies between states. 

Re: Elderly relative refuses to accept power of attorney

Hi @Jcoo5,


I am so sorry to hear of the loss in your family - that is a struggle for all and everyone. This is quite a specific situation so you may not find a specific answer in terms of services here. The forum is more about supporting one another and offering that through everyone's own experiences. It might be helpful to try connecting with Carers Australia helpline to get some support and possible referals for this situation?


Have you got supports for yourself in place while you work through this with your family?

Re: Elderly relative refuses to accept power of attorney

Also @Jcoo5 - I saw that you accidently posted the same discussion twice so I have removed one and left this one here with mine and @Darcy's response ⭐️

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