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Re: Dark Skies

Glad the forum is here @Hamsolo01,  we are all dealing with tough issues and problems. Sometimes we get a break, other times it's hard. Hoping today is good for you.


I did the DNA family search thing. Was lucky as I have contacts with the professor in England who researched and helped start it, so I got an in-depth personalised report. Very interesting.


Find the rewriting of a lot of history due to DNA findings is also very interesting.



Re: Dark Skies

Yeh @Wanderer that's why it is here Smiley Happy

Yeah when I was overseas last year I went to the natural history museum in NYC. They had a whole section dedicated to this sort of thing. Really compelling stuff. Homoerectus and homosapiens are closely related. What did you profile say? Where you originated from and all that?

Re: Dark Skies



The DNA background they did for me went back a long way.


Mothers side, to the pre Viking era in the Scandinavian area, through the Viking period, and eventually down into Ireland. More recently to arrive in Australia as convicts.

A very small, rare DNA sequence, on my mtDNA side.


Fathers side follows back down through Ireland from the recent convict period to the first people to ever set foot in Ireland. Historians are still debating the time of first habitation in Ireland and have now found evidence to push it back as far as 12000 BC. I imagine this will be scrutinised fairly closely before being accepted as fact. It is to the beginnings of this time that my yDNA takes my family.


Also found a direct DNA match with a body recovered from an iron age cist burial in western Ireland.


On the larger scale we are part of the R1b tree which is a very large tree.


I find the Denisovans and Floresiensis intriguing, what the world was like then with different branches coexisting at times.

Often whish I could have lived during the stone age. 

Re: Dark Skies

Sometimes I find myself thinking similar about other time periods @Wanderer

I think we have the benefit of sitting here in the future and looking back. I imagine that people back then would wonder what we would be like. A bit like how I wonder what life will be like in a thousand years in the year 3019..

Re: Dark Skies


Perhaps the human race will have reached maturity by then and stop trying to own each other.


I tend to believe our false economy built on squandering finite resources allowing us to temporarily live outside our means and disregard consequence and natural selection has genetically modified us into a discordant and non-viable species with the world around us.

Nature and gravity will prevail, there is some discussion that the human genome or DNA sequence is on a countdown. Perhaps, but then maybe that is just a consequence of our modified physical and social environment.

Perhaps the future holds the past.


Old middle eastern saying.

My father rode a camel,

I drove a car,

My son flies a jet

My grandson will ride a camel.

Re: Dark Skies

and yet we are the ones with mental health issues @Wanderer lol

When we say insightful things.

Re: Dark Skies

Re: Dark Skies

Had a good day at work today @Wanderer  Got to work with some kids doing some reading and grammar work. Literacy is definitely not my favourite thing but it is of course a real focu at this schools as it is with most others. It was great to be working with the kids though. I have an autistic boy I am working with and he is totally awesome - made me smile a lot today Smiley Very Happy

Hope you have got some more of that paperwork sorted today and that your daughter had a good day at school.


Hi @Hamsolo01  Lovely to see the interaction between you and @Wanderer  today - it seems you both have an interest in the same area Smiley Happy

Re: Dark Skies

Perhaps society, is the mental illness @Hamsolo01 Smiley Very Happy


Will check out your video.


Great that you had a good day @Zoe7 

Am no stranger to autism, my stepson is definitely in that spectrum and possibly others.

Daughter had a great day at school, is making new friends and talking all about it.


Didn't get all my jobs done but at least got the most important one out of the way. Didn't do much today, watched a movie and slept for a bit, probably needed it.

Re: Dark Skies

It is great that your daughter is making friends and is talking all about school @Wanderer 

This autistic boy is so sweet and wants to learn even though it is hard for him in some areas. He is amazing at maths and gets very excited about the subject. I am going to be working with him doing reading and science so that is exciting for me - I love science. I will be interested to see how he goes doing science especially as it is often more a hands-on subject. I suspect he will need a lot of repetition but that is okay - it is going to be lovely working with him.

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