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All my life's a circle

Morning all..tis 2.30 ish am.....and I am back ( did ya miss me Smiley Happy )

 One of my many "coping mechanisms" when in a major depressive funk is to listen to music. I found a cd i had forgotton i had by a guy named Harry Chapin. On the cd was a song called circle which just spoke to me.  I shan't type out the lyrics but they were very apt for how I was feeling.  Strangely having my feelings so aptly sung to me made me feel slightly better (weird hu).

Which then got me to thinking how did i get into the funk in the first place, and is it possible to recognise the beginning phase and take action, yes i know i should ask the psycologist  and I shall do so when next we meet..but the question did intregue me.

The reason i put " around coping mechanisms is I listen to music alot....and never thought of it as a mechanism of any sort, i always thought i just liked maybe its not a mechanism...I really have to stop overthinking this stuff.

On the lighter gp recommended i eat more now i eat fruit and nut chocky...Smiley Happy


Re: All my life's a circle

I enjoyed reading your post @simontemplar . It is the kind of circular thinking I do often and  the title of the thread got my attention too. 

It’s really hard to stop the overthinking, and at the same time still think through before phases. I get a bit looped in this part, and then struggle to see the before phases until after. I think my gut feeling is that over time, awareness and experiences (going through it) will guide me better. I have come a way but still have a long way to go to recognise where my head is at and then what to do about it. 


Loved the fruit and nut nut chocolate solution too. 


Best wishes. 💜🤗

Re: All my life's a circle

@simontemplar  I possibly would head for the fruit and nut first, then much away to music.

I read something awhile back, that said recognise where you stumble, it prevents a fall.

I haven’t managed any recognition yet, but know the falls well, maybe too well. I suppose there always something to learn, even hope for, even if it is just awareness of a stumble, sometimes.

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