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Re: A long rave

Hi and good morning to @Mazarita @Adge @CheerBear @Zoe7 @Meowmy @CheerBear @Appleblossom @Exoplanet @Angels333 @BryanaCamp @Alacarte @eth  and all who I have missed and all who pass wishing everyone a super pea Thursday Smiley Very Happy. No news just wanted to wish everyone a really kind and compassionate day ahead with special thoughts going out to eth who I know is very nervous about her up and coming ndis meeting - will be with you in spirit eth xxxxx


Love to all greenpeaxxxx

Re: A long rave

@greenpea Have a wonderful little pea day Hon Heart


Very much thinking of you too @eth and @Meowmy Heart


Good that you had a nice interaction with the lady on your date @Adge It doesn't matter that she isn't looking for anything longer term - it matters that you are getting out there and meeting people Smiley Very Happy

Re: A long rave

@Zoe7  Hey Zoe7 hoping the munchkins have calmed down a bit for you Smiley Very Happyxxxx

Re: A long rave

Back to my normal day on various classes today @greenpea so should be an easier day. Hoping so as very tired after yesterday. It is so cold this morning so taking time to get moving. Need to do so soon though as I have morning duty and can't be late for that.

Re: A long rave

Hi and good morning @Zoe7 @greenpea @CheerBear  and thankyou so much for the well wishes for today.  Yesterday afternoon and last night I could have spent a good bit of time going thru my documents and notes to prepare, but I didn't.  I've cancelled my computer pals class on uploading photos this morning and will do the above instead.  Yesterday I had the psychologist for the first time in 3 weeks and then had a mammogram.  A few tears at the pdoc but then whatever it was hit me hard while the mammogram was being done.  I tried to suppress it unsuccessfully, cried while it was being done and when I came out it took me another 10 min or so to stop crying.   Sure, the mammogram is seriously uncomfortable, but it felt more like some kind of trauma trigger.  So I had an emotional hangover for hours and was also trying to peg down where that PTSD response had come from.  Can't quite work it out, couple of possibilities but nothing specific.  Even this morning I'm feeling quite drained but I need to perk up and get clear to do what I have to today. 


Hope everyone passing here today has a day with good in it.  I know I've got support here which is invaluable to me, thankyou xx 

Re: A long rave

Sometimes we cannot work out why we are triggered @eth and that doesn't make it any easier to deal with. You got through the day with a lot going on for you so go easy on yourself. Lots of self-care and getting through another tricky day with all that you have to deal with today. Goodluck with your appointment - I hope it all goes well for you. Heart

Re: A long rave

@eth Heartxxxx

Re: A long rave

Oh @eth I am so sorry to hear that your PTSD reared its head.    Try lots of distress tolerance from DBT and know we are here for you.


Hi @greenpea @Mazarita @Zoe7 @Adge  @Appleblossom @Meowmy @BryanaCamp 

So I am home for the third day since hospital and am up and down.   The first day SH overtook me so yesterday I was just reeling with the after effects.  Today I definitely feel better I got some housework done and am sitting rugged up with a ginger tea and my journal.    I am off work for the next 5 weeks until term 3.    So I can spend my time doing crochet and painting.   I am feeling so much better on the new meds since before going into hospital but they're less effective on SH thoughts.    My Psychiatrist said my long standing diagnosis are MDD PTSD BPD which sounds right to me but I can't stop obsessing over the reality of my MI.


I'm about to head out to take son2 to school he's in his HSC year and has a late start.


Still thinking of you @eth 😘😘

Re: A long rave

@greenpea hey, beautiful pea, thanks for care and support. Am feeling better from shaky morning. Just relaxing with coffee before work. Have a wonderful day. Love you.

Re: A long rave

@Angels333  Hi Angels333 hope you keep improving on new meds and that the sh starts to leave you alone now that you are settled back at home. Really happy for you that you have another 5 weeks off that is wonderful Smiley Happy. I have to ask what is MDD?

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