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Looking after ourselves

Re: Self care- walking and cycling

@Darcy dogs have human feelings. and often reflect that off their owners. maybe try to make it a game or make it an exciting part of your day. we can't say walk in my house because my dogs lose their minds over that word. we call it big w now. lol. make it fun for u and your pooch.

Re: Self care- walking and cycling

Lol @octavia  @Darcy 

My mum's dogs go bananas if she so much as looks at her walking shoes never mind put them on. 

Re: Self care- walking and cycling

She is keen to go @octavia  @Determined gets all excited when we get her lead out. It is more how far she gets before something spooks her. Sometimes turning around, going a little way and circling back helps, other time not.


I do try and go for a walk into town every day, but find it usually only happens 4-5 times a week.

Re: Self care- walking and cycling

I was going to go for another walk this morning but it was raining.

Need the rain though so no complaints.

Will get on the treadmill after lunch. 

Re: Self care- walking and cycling

ok gotcha. I have a blind dog, from birth. he is scared of every noise. the strong winds an unexpected noise. he freaks out. instead of going it's ok mate. we go well come on then let's go check out the weird noise. he responds well to the support @Darcy 

Re: Self care- walking and cycling

Well fail on the treadmill after lunch, we had a big strom come over and I ended up hiding under my covers and slept the day away. Always tomorrow lol. 

Re: Self care- walking and cycling



Re: Self care- walking and cycling

Have managed to get some walking in this morning and again this afternoon. 

Had to laugh when I noticed that my exercise app had registered my motorbike ride as a push bike ride. If only exercise was that easy 

Recon my legs would fall off if I tried to peddle that fast  🤣

Re: Self care- walking and cycling

Have managed to find a routine with a morning and afternoon walk. Morning walk includes commute to work.

I managed the walk this morning despite not needing to go to work. It was.almost  too hard but made the effort rather than sit at home defeated and do feel better for it.

Dr wants me to do more vigorous exercise but at least this is a start. 

Re: Self care- walking and cycling

Only managed 2 short walks today (less than 1/2 of my daily target)  but I did manage a 200+km motocycle ride with my mum so that counts as self care. 

It was actually darlings idea for me to do that rather than stress in front of the computer. 


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