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Looking after ourselves

Senior Contributor

Self care- walking and cycling

There used to be a thread around exercise but I couldn't find it so starting a new one.

Recently my GP has been lecturing me about more exercise in order to loose some weight reduce my blood pressure and get some other stress related ailments under control.  Now is a good time for me to start as I have just started a 4 week study break from uni. 


My goal is to do minimum 30 mins (target 1 hour) per day 5 days a week of either walking or cycling. Posting here as a form of accountability.  I cant use the weather as an excuse as we have both a treadmill and an indoor cycle trainer 😁

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Re: Self care- walking and cycling

Kicking off today I managed a 6.2 km walk in 1hr 20min. (9081 steps).

Was aiming for 2hr and 10km walk but had to turn back early to get back home. 

Total steps so far today 11,300. 

Re: Self care- walking and cycling

@Determined, this is soo great Smiley Very Happy


Re: Self care- walking and cycling

Good on you @Determined for taking initiative to better your own health! Documenting it on the forums to keep yourself accountable is a great step/idea! Smiley Very Happy


In terms of the exercise thread you could not find, do you remember if it was in the Carers or Lived Experience Forums?


Also, Great job on your 9081 steps yesterday! Smiley Very Happy Have you cycled or walked today, yet?




Re: Self care- walking and cycling

Thanks @Amour_Et_Psyché

I have been thinking about that and it may have been on the lived experience side.


No cycling or walking so far today. I worked this mornimg though I did manage 1900 steps at work.

Have a meeting to go to shortly at uni but hope to get on the treadmill after that. 

Re: Self care- walking and cycling

No problems, @Determined! Smiley Very Happy Yes - that was what I was thinking. Smiley Frustrated Here are a few threads on exercise in the LE side of the forums - "Exercise" by @AnyHelp; "Exercise and Goal Setting" by @MoonGal; and "My exercise thread - let's inspire one another!" by @Queenie. Was it one of these? On an alternate note, you may also be interested in this recently past, Topic Tuesday - "Exercise as Therapy."


It is great that you managed to walk 1900 steps at work - you've already done some form of exercise for the day, before even going home and popping on the treadmill! It sounds like you are off to a great start so far! Smiley Very Happy


Good luck - all the forumites will all be rooting for you, I'm sure! Smiley Happy




Re: Self care- walking and cycling

Found it @Amour_Et_Psyché it was actually on the LE side by @soul

The walking for wellbeing thread

Re: Self care- walking and cycling

hello @Determined, @Amour_Et_Psyché, @Kitten, @Anon4747

cleaned for 7 hours today , wonder how many step i did -- would be interesting to know

very tired now @Boo13 , @Darcy, @Adge

Re: Self care- walking and cycling

Trying to find the motivation to get on the treadmill here at the moment but think I am past it today,

I should have done something before everyone came home instead of having a nap before my meeting. I needed that nap though or I would have had a nap during the meeting lol.

I have managed 2400 steps today including some up and down stairs while at work. 

Kind of hoping S2 will want to go for a bike ride tomorrow. He is finished school for the semester while bub and S1 are still at kindy/ school till the end of this week. 

Re: Self care- walking and cycling

7 hours of cleaning is a big effort @Shaz51 makes me tired just thinking about it 😥



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