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Looking after ourselves

Re: Self care by growing a garden

The first delivery of garden supplies (some sleepers) have arrived and we have done a rough set out - we won't fix them in place until we are happy with the layout and we ensure the raised garden beds will fit in (we have not got these yet). We also have a few more cotoneasters and other plants that need to come out and it will be easier to remove them first. Have already seen where an improvement in the initial design could be made and will enjoy playing around with it 😀.


Noticed a fern hiding behind some agapanthus and a red hot poker plant - suspect it is a climbing asparagus fern that is a declared noxious weed 😵.  

Re: Self care by growing a garden

A few more bucketfuls of weeds out. The garden (and the potplants) are slowly re-emerging. Smiley Happy Some of the succulents I've brought back from Mum and Dad's place are a little bit frostbitten. It's a little warmer where they live- only a little, but it makes a difference. I'll need to keep them in a greenhouse over future winters. This one's really been quite mild. A severe winter would have completely destroyed some of them.


More and more flowers on the way all the time, and more than enough green vegs to eat. Smiley Happy Most of the stone fruit trees are in flower, pears are getting close too.


I bought a punnet of cherry toms yesterday. They're inside on a windowsill, and I'll be potting them on to give me "advanced plants" ready to put out sometime around late October/early November when our frost danger is finally past.



Re: Self care by growing a garden

@Darcy, when we first moved here, I was setting up veggie beds that were about 4' x 6', according to a book that recommended that as a size because you could reach into the middle to plant seed/seedlings or pull out weeds.
Methinks the author must have been a 6' tall bloke with long arms to match. I've started remaking them into 3' wide beds, which are a much more reach-able size for 5' tall me! Smiley Tongue I'd made the paths 2' wide, but have also concluded that they're the wrong width. OK to walk on, but not for getting a wheelbarrow in. So they're going out to 3' wide. 
I keep the weeds down (or try to) by heavily mulching the paths, so you never know, I may even end up swapping the beds into paths and vice versa at some stage to take advantage of the built up organic matter. Smiley Happy

Re: Self care by growing a garden


there have a floriad festival near you this weekend Smiley Happy

Re: Self care by growing a garden



The raised veg beds we are looking at come in a width of 600mm or 900mm and are 740mm high (length variable).


Based on your comments I am wondering if you think the 900mm ones would be too wide? I am keen on "square foot" gardening and hope to divvy the beds into 30cm squares. 

Re: Self care by growing a garden


Garden slowly emerging = 🙌

Flowers blooming = 🌷🌸🌹
Getting veg started = 👍

More than enough veg = famine averted 



Garden festivals = 😀


Just done the conversion from ' to mm @Smc  900mm will be fine.


Adequate room for a wheelbarrow to get through = a necessary consideration and one I had not thought of.


With things happening I did place a seed order ... 

Re: Self care by growing a garden

@Darcy, 600mm/2' is good for against fences where you can only reach from one side. Smiley Happy Glad I mentioned the wheelbarrow!
@Shaz51, I'm down in Central Vic, so nowhere near Floriade, but there's display gardens in our local area that are starting to look good. I've just been discussing with my sister re. a visit to one that features a lot of spring bulbs. Smiley Happy



Re: Self care by growing a garden

ha ha @Smc , @Darcy 

it is in camberra Smiley LOL

Re: Self care by growing a garden

@Shaz51 perhaps the Tesselsar Tulip Festival might be a bit more accessible for @Smc . 


Re: Self care by growing a garden

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