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Looking after ourselves

Re: Decluttering and home maintenance

More room, cleaner carpers + fewer tripping hazards = 🙌🙌🙌 @Smc 


Re: Decluttering and home maintenance

As house sale looking a little promising, am sorting my books more aggressively now and have packed some,  have a box full ready for donation.

Re: Decluttering and home maintenance

Finished emptying out a chest of drawers and a cupboard today. Packed a small moving carton and three storage tubs. Binned some rubbish and added an old step stool to the 'take to the tip' pile.

Re: Decluttering and home maintenance

Some old sporting equipment donated today.

Re: Decluttering and home maintenance

Got some more sorting achieved in our shed today. 6 or more boxes sorted with a good portion relocated to the rubbish box on the trailer. Some things that are my mum's that are return to sender. Bro is talking some building materials and tools assorted tools. 

Mostly just moving things around at the moment but as they move more space is becoming available. 

At the end of our move the last few loads were not even sorted. Just piled into the shed. Have emptied some shelves and benches and arranged them and placed times more thoughtfuly making things more accessible. 


Re: Decluttering and home maintenance

Added to the list of things I am considering selling are a commercial grade brushcutter (far bigger than what wr need now) and chainsaw. Still have 4 more chainsaws lol

2 that actually work. 1 is mine 1 is FILs and 2 big ones that work when they want to but were my dad's so reluctant to see them go). 




Re: Decluttering and home maintenance

@Determined, our term for the unsorted packing that happens when the deadline is fast approaching is the "Stuff, Shove, Cram Stage". Gets it done, but is a pest to sort through later.

Re: Decluttering and home maintenance

@Smc  a lot of the boxes I sorted today the contents could be best described as 'too hard worry about that later' packing lol

There were also (and most likely still are) a lot of 'horder' they items. My biggest challenge is/ had been  in packaging items. Packets papers and such.  (As an example were we were moving I unearthed a box that a casset player came in that I got as a present in 1986 or thereabouts. 

After our move and putting only what we absolutely needed in the house the lack of clutter that I never noticed before has changed my awareness and thinking. Hard to explain. Had to giggle today when darling asked if I could keep some items that I was going to unload. (I always like to check things of potential value before dispersing due to my past sensitivity in this regard) . 

Re: Decluttering and home maintenance

wow busy @Determined , @Darcy , @Smc 

mum clearing some of her stuff --ha ha I try too Smiley Very Happy

Re: Decluttering and home maintenance

I have got such a buzz from having an uncluttered place too @Determined. Still a couple of bastions to conquer ...  a continuing work in process.

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