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Looking after ourselves

Re: Caring for sisters with MI


@Jane5  and @silhouette  @mambofish

How are you today

Re: Caring for sisters with MI

Have spoken to her a couple of times @Shaz51 . Plan on catching up this weekend.

Re: Caring for sisters with MI

hello @silhouette 

how are you

hope you are ok my friend xx

Re: Caring for sisters with MI

Hi @Darcy, sorry I've missed this thread all this time, haven't logged into the forums for months. Its a great idea talking about sisters as we care for them no matter how strained the relationship is. How is your sister? Have you and Mr Darcy moved closer yet? How often do you get to visit her now? Face to face is always better. Though receiving a hand written letter,  from friends or family, has a nostalgic warm feel for me too. 

My sister has moved again, into the country 4hrs away and she won't 'pick up phone calls for days on end. I can't help feel she's killedHerself or about to and I worry myself sick, and want to do a welfare check... but she hates that. She says "if ya love me you'd visit more" and I should, just haven't yet... Truth is I find it so draining, and I know it's the depression, I think, but she doesn't seem glad to see me. She's detached and flat emotionally. Guess I should go visit soon,bits been a few months. She's crapped out this week because a work colleague had a brain aneurysm and died, at only 29... Thrown her a bit but what can ya say? 

Guess all we can do is 'be' there for them, even when it always feels one sided. 

How do you cope with your Mr Darcy, is it a bit one sided? Air only when he has relapse. Must get lonely even though your not alone. 

Ya think us sisters would be closer, both being single, but we're guarded.   I blame mum a lot,vwe,vher MI, she was horrible to us.

Silhouette πŸ’•



Re: Caring for sisters with MI

Hello @Shaz51, you're quick off the mark 😁 Must have seen my support tap already? I'm ok, haven't been on sane forums for months, not sure where to begin. Any suggestions?

Re: Caring for sisters with MI

ah ha @silhouette 

@Darcy  and I want to know everything my friend xxxxSmiley Very HappyHeart

Re: Caring for sisters with MI

What do you mean you "want to know everything" @Shaz51, I just posted a long post. What's your story? I gotta go catch up.

Re: Caring for sisters with MI

Ooh, i got visitors, wow! ,might check in tomorrow.
Silhouette πŸ’•

Re: Caring for sisters with MI



Hi there. I am a little worried that your post might be interpret as demanding, if not hostile. If this was not your intention then sorry to raise it.  It can be easy to be misunderstood on forums, so we encourage members to take care and ensure respectfulness.




Re: Caring for sisters with MI

sorry my @silhouette , have not read your message to @Darcy , I will now xx

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