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Looking after ourselves

Re: Carers under 30...


How are you going little one.

Re: Carers under 30...

hey @Darcy
sorry i missed your post before.
its been 5 weeks now and still having so many difficulties including chewing and with my speech. I have been managing small amounts of softer meals meal though like scrambled eggs or soups with vegies in them as long as they are really soft as chewing still causes pain. . still getting a lot of lumps and bumps and ulcers and sores where I keep biting my lip or the insides of my cheeks.
I see surgeon on Monday so will get all the review happening there
in quite abit of pain today and tonight though, I think I done a little to much chewing tonight. ive been doing the salt water rinses and using an instrument to thoroughly clean around the gumline and teeth and extraction sites with the water (along with gentle brushing) so im hoping that its not an infection.

how are you going? how are you settling into your new home?

Re: Carers under 30...

Hi @outlander 

Hope tomorrow's appt goes OK.



Re: Carers under 30...

Thank you @Darcy πŸ’Œ

Re: Carers under 30...

Checking in @outlander images (15).jpg


Re: Carers under 30...

hello @Darcy πŸ’š

Re: Carers under 30...

How are things going @outlander ?

Re: Carers under 30...

same same here @Darcy nothings really changed or gotten better. just kinda flatlined and taking it as each day comes.

how are you?

Re: Carers under 30...

How did you go with your follow up appt @outlander 

How is your eating going? 


Slowly but surely here, making sure I do something each day that will contribute to my/our wellbeing.

Re: Carers under 30...

Eating is still a struggle @Darcy still limited on what i can eat ok and still limited in chewing. By the time i get through a sandwhich on a good day my jaws hurting again. Very frustrating.
Surgeon said theres nothing that can be done. Surgery may make it worse and theres no other treatment options. She said to stop talking about it, i knew what the risks were and now i have to live with it. Said to make pain relief a friend now.
Thinking about getting another opinion. I only have a 6 month gap before no surgeon will do anything. Im already at 2 months so only 4 months left to see if theres any trearment options left.

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