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Looking after ourselves

Re: Carers under 30...

thinking of you all ❤❤
@Darcy@Sophia1@Smc@Faith-and-Hope@Shaz51 and everyone

Re: Carers under 30...

thinking of you lots and walking with you my @outlander xxxxx


Re: Carers under 30...

Hello @outlander 



Re: Carers under 30...

Thinking of you this morning @outlander 😀.

Re: Carers under 30...

evening @Darcy 👋

Re: Carers under 30...

How are you going chickadee?


Re: Carers under 30...

Feeling a little under the weather again physically and mentally but taking as each day as it comes @Darcy
have been pretty busy lately esp with school holidays among us

how are you going? hows the house selling going?

Re: Carers under 30...

Yikes @outlander , sounds like you are soldiering on in spite of the difficulties you are facing.


All going OK with sale, making good progress with pack up. All things going to plan we should be in new home in roughly 3 weeks time.

Re: Carers under 30...

yeah @Darcy just gotta keep on keeping on hey.

wow thats gone rather quickly! gosh moving is hard work though, are you and Mr D doing it all on your own?

Re: Carers under 30...

Yes @outlander we keep pressing on. 


We are packing the boxes but have removalists who will take over loading the boxes and furniture into the shipping container for the move and unloading at the other end. 

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