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Not receiving notifications

Not sure where to post this, so trying here. I’m not receiving notifications. Can anyone help.


Re: Not receiving notifications

ohhh no @Maggie 

I will tag @Lauz , @s-jay , @nashy , @Moderator  to help out Heart

Re: Not receiving notifications

I’m not receiving some of the posts. I don’t know why?? @Lauz 

Re: Not receiving notifications

What kind of notifications @Maggie? Email? In forum (tags, likes etc) ? There have been some notification issues here and there that CMs are on to but this might be a new one.

Re: Not receiving notifications

Thanks @Shaz51  but all of a sudden they are happening now. 🤔🤔🤔🤔

Re: Not receiving notifications

@CheerBear  It was the ones by the bell in the red circle with the number. 👍👍

Re: Not receiving notifications

@SANE-Admin  will look into it @Maggie , @CheerBear , @BlueBay  tomorrow xx

Re: Not receiving notifications

@Maggie  think this is where you report forum feedback etc


Re: Not receiving notifications

Thanks @EOR  Its working sometimes, then not other. 🤔🤔

Re: Not receiving notifications

Hi @Maggie 


Just popped your thread over here 😊


Unfortunately, the intermitent nature of notifications sometimes going down for random people for short periods time is a problem we have been working on for a while now. We have posted more about it here. Unfortunately, the issue is actually to do with the platform the forums sit on so it is something that is being investigated and problem solved by the platform provider and we are working hard to keep that on track. 


We super super appreciate everyones understanding on this as its not a situation we are wanting to occur for members at all! It does seem to not last too long in the scheme of things for members but do understand the frustration around this completely! Hope it helps in at least a small way to know we are really aware and still working on it. 



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